Title Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance? Title insurance offers financial protection against title problems that might have been inadvertently missed in the title search process, might not be found in the public record or that may arise from fraud or forgery. What types of defects does title insurance protect you from? Title insurance protects you from claims [...] Read More

Ten Reasons Why You Should Get A Home Inspection

Buying a home can be both an emotional and financial roller coaster ride which can sometimes cloud our judgement. Once you find that perfect home you have been searching for and get it under contract you immediately begin your due diligence or inspection period and start writing checks for different types of fees (legal, realtor, […]

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Under Renovation

Please pardon our mess while we undergo an extensive renovation to our office located at 3351 Galt Ocean Drive. Please check back shortly for more updates. We are still operational and taking calls at 954-830-7000.

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