Could listing with a “local expert” actually hurt your ability to sell your home?

Foreign buyers purchased more than $102 billion of U.S. real estate in 2016. The majority of that money was spent in Florida.

- National Association of Realtors

At Prestige Waterfront Realty we believe that each property has its buyer and strategically target buyers who have statistically been purchasing similar properties. The days of simply placing some bench ads, billboards, door-hangers and national publications are simply not enough to warrant top dollar for properties when dealing with buyers in a technology dominated age. That is why we hand pick our top producing multilingual real estate agents and help them leverage the latest technology possible while marketing your property worldwide in over 103 different languages & dialects.

Always a Step Ahead With Technology & Market Statistics


The majority of real estate brokerages brag about “technology” but never seem to back it up. Our proprietary property search pulls information from multiple MLS (multiple listing services) and combines the results into one database. The reason this is important is because we make sure to show you all available listings yet weed out all the trash that can be found on sites like Zillow and Trulia which are entered by third parties that are not license real estate brokers or monitored for accuracy. After all these companies are not licensed real estate agents but rather corporations in the business of selling “leads” regardless of how accurate or real they may be.

Additionally we make sure that we give you the resources that actually matter to you while always staying ahead of the competition. Traditional real estate brokerages are bragging about their “cutting edge map search technology” which we have been using for over a decade, while at Prestige Waterfront Realty we have spent that time leveling up what is becoming an outdated tech and implementing improvements such as searching by school district, demographics, market trends and much more.

Having a large and accurate database is just the first step of proving the level of service we think you deserve. As a cutting edge real estate brokerage that is proud to call itself a leader in leveraging technology for our customers rather than our pockets make sure to always track where, how, and when prospects, customers and clients view our properties. Our proprietary technologies are updated on a daily basis to make sure that not only can people find what they are looking for but also in a way that is enjoyable to them and suits their lifestyle.

Our websites, IDX property search, social media syndication, language translation and all overall online presence is designed to be accessible and responsive not only from traditional computers which are dwindling in numbers but from mobile phones, smart tablets, virtual reality devices, social media sites and numerous other sources with as little effort or hurdles to jump through. While our competitors like cashing in on selling your data to third parties so you can wind up on all those unwanted solicitation lists we NEVER sell any of your information personal or otherwise with third parties for the goal of profiting. We rather spend more money to make our site accessible and responsive form mobile devices and tablets while our competition prefers to pitch you an “app” just so they can track you.

Professional Pictures Create Interest, Videos Inspire Confidence, 3D Virtual Tours Sell Properties

Before After

Owning a professional range makes you no more of a chef than owning a professional camera makes you a photographer. At Prestige Waterfront Realty we believe that our agent should focus on marketing, networking and building relationships while our marketing departments handles taking pictures and photoshopping them.

Over 93% of buyers decide weather they may consider scheduling a showing based on a properties featured image alone. That is why we offer professional pictures which are additionally photoshopped every single one of our listings!

We Use Pictures to Intrigue Buyers then our Virtual Tours to Make Sure they Schedule a Showing

Prestige Waterfront Realty is one of Matterport’s first Florida authorized service partners. Being able to text or email a link to your property to anyone in world so they can view & explore your property on their computer, mobile device or even in Virtual Reality make selling your property for top dollar so much easier that we offer FREE Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for every one of our property listings!

Posting Something Online & Calling it "Marketing Globally" Simply Doesn't Yield Results

Global Multilingual Marketing

Most brokers and agents seem to think that “global marketing” is simply putting something on the internet but fail to provide the proper tools needed for prospects, customers and clients to actually view, comprehend and interact with the content they publish. At Prestige Waterfront Realty we know that putting something online is just the first step and that no results will be generated if someone cannot understand or interact with your content. That is why we implement leading translator technology that translates our website and content into 103 languages and dialects to make sure that people know what you are trying to sell. Selling real estate is no easy feat or agents and brokerages would not exists, but its almost impossible to sell your property to international buyers if you cant present it to them in their language, help them understand the process and make they feel comfortable. In additional to translating our content into 103 languages and dialects rather than the 3-5 which most brokerages focus on we make sure that our tech allows for SEO optimization.

Social Media Creates Excellent Exposure but Can be Very Time Consuming

By now most tech savvy marketers will agree that social medial does work. However the fact of the matter remains that there is still a step learning curve and marketing something property takes time. That being said most agents go on social media when they have “free time” or no other business and we all know that great agents are always working and never have “free time”. In order to help our associates our website uses proprietary technology to make it easier for them to syndicate your listings to dozens of social media sites at the push of a button without having to spend hours learning how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever the new popular social media outlet of the year is.

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