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In today’s real estate world, influence and access to resources and connections are not enough to guarantee a real estate professional’s success. In an age dominated by technological advances, those who stand out from the heard must be able to leverage and manipulate cutting-edge technology. The catch lays in our ability to learn, adapt and implement this constantly evolving technology before it becomes obsolete.

Our core philosophy is that in order to help agents to be exceptional at what they do, we tackle the technical stuff and let you concentrate on client relationships. By working together we are ensuring that our customers receive the best level of service possible.

In a company where entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking are the key drivers of our success, we welcome associates who not only challenge the norms and are looking to take their business to the next level but become the new leaders in the global real estate industry.

As a member of Prestige Waterfront Realty, you will have access to:

Cutting-edge highly-trafficked and sophisticated website with integrated social media marketing and personalized support
Comprehensive professional development and educational programs
A comprehensive portfolio of real estate service to serve your clients’ every need
Exceptional brand and marketing resources and programs
State-of-the-art office environments
In-house administrative and transaction coordination
Highly rewarding commission structure


What Kind of Resources Can Your Broker Provide?

At Prestige Waterfront Realty we believe that by acquiring and properly leveraging the latest technology we are able to not only exceed our clients expectations  but also manage to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Here are just some of the tools and resources we make available to our agents.

Why Matterport

How Matterport Works

What Kind of Resources Does Your Brokerage Provide?

At Prestige Waterfront Realty we believe that by acquiring and properly leveraging the latest technology we can not only exceed our clients expectations but we will always be one step ahead of the competition. Here are just some of the tools we make available to our agents.

We all know that when it comes to technology by the time the latest gadget gets delivered, everyone is already talking about the next version. That is why at Prestige Waterfront Realty we spend tens of thousands of dollars on the latest gadgets so you don’t have to.

High End Drone Videography

The WOW Factor

Let our team of expert drone photographers and trained video editors create a stunning marketing tool for your business. Our in-house marketing department can create images, angles, and views your customers have never seen. 

Over the Top

Attract new customers and record special events in style

Rething Curb Appeal

Mesmerizing aerial photography and videos your clients will love.

Location, Location, Location

A short HD video speak mountains.

Photoshopped Pictures

95% of Home Buyers Start Their Search Online

The Majority of Online Buyers Determine if They Would Like to View a Property in Person Based on the Featured Image

Do NOT Waste Your Time & Money Marketing a Property With Poor Images

Owning a great camera makes one no more a professional photographer than owning a Wolf range makes one a professional chef. We all know that real estate professionals tend to wear a lot of hats, but something we get so caught up in trying to do everything ourselves that we neglect our prospecting and our pipeline suffers. With an in-house marketing department that has your back you can concentrate on getting the next deal and not on learning how to be a professional photographer or videographer.

Being a real estate agent means having to wear a lot of hats, at Prestige Waterfront Realty you can choose to leave the marketing to us and focus on driving business.

Need a Little Help?

In the Real Estate industry it is no surprise that how much money you make directly correlates to the amount of networking and marketing you do throughout the year and NOT the amount of time you spent doing paperwork or going back and forth collecting those missing signatures.

Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help. Our paperwork preparation service generates, reviews and coordinates the signings of all transaction related matters.

Details coming soon.

Our company branded signs are design to utilize the latest and greatest in real estate technology which allows buyers to walkthrough your property 24/7 365 and generates real leads with actual numbers you can call each morning.

Tired of All the Paperwork?

Just leave it to us. Being a hard working is great, but working smart is even better. The most successful agents in this real estate industry focus on finding clients, showings properties and maintaining relationships. At Prestige Waterfront Realty our in-house marketing department allows you to do just stat. You focus on finding the client, finding the property and discussing offer terms; we take care of writing up the paperwork, getting it signed, sending the file to the title company, getting association approval, and scheduling the property inspections. All you need to do is pick up your check!

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