What You Need To Know About Renting In South Florida

What Type Of Rental Property Is Right For Me?

Annual Rental

An annual rental is typically for a period of one year or more.

  • Rental Periods: Periods longer than 6 months and a day
  • Furnished: Turnkey, Partially Furnished or Unfurnished
  • Sales & Tourist Tax: None
Seasonal Rental

A seasonal rental is usually one between 30 days and 180 days.

  • Rental Periods: Weekly or Monthly
  • Furnished: Turnkey
  • Sales & Tourist Tax: YES
Vacation Rental

A vacation rental is typically any rental for 30 days or less.

  • Rental Periods: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Furnished: Turnkey
  • Sales & Tourist Tax: YES

The best source of properties: Airbnb, hotels, motels, etc.

What Landlords Really Look At

Your tenancy application will provide your potential future landlord with information on each occupancy who would be applying for residence.

Show The Landlord That You Can Afford To Pay The Rent

(if) you are employed – copies of your most recent pay stubs (2-3 pay periods)

(if) you are SELF-employed – copies of your most recent bank statements (2-3 months) & copies of your most recent tax returns (1-2 years)

(if) you are NOT employed – copies of your most recent bank statements (2-3 months) showing sufficient funds to pay your rental obligation for the duration of the term.

Landlords should always ask to look at the credit reports, background reports, and eviction reports for all occupants over the age of 18. These reports will allow the Landlord to see if you have had any run-ins with the law or have tried to skip out on your last landlord without giving notice or paying your rent. Honesty is the best policy!

Know Where You Stand

Get The Reports You'll Need Tomorrow, Today!

Before you waste your time and money to look at and apply for a rental apartment or home, make sure that you know where you stand. Apartment Communities, Condominium Association, Homeowner Associations, Landlords, and Listing Agents can each set requirements which all tenants or occupants must meet in order to be approved to occupy the property. By knowing what these requirements are and how you stack up, you can avoid looking at homes which will not approve you and avoid paying non-refundable application fees if you know you won’t qualify. REMEMBER EVEN IF YOU FIND YOUR PERFECT HOME, LANDLORDS WILL ASK YOU TO PROVIDE THESE REPORTS BEFORE THEY CAN APPROVE YOU!

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy? Are You Making The Right Decision?